May 26, 2014


Welcome to Adventureland.

This is a great little park - a hidden gem.

If you do go - get a corn dog.  These things are amazing.

The Log Flume is a great ride.

If you ride in the front, you will get soaked.

Raging River is the park's rapids ride.

This is another ride that you will get soaked on.

The park's final water ride is Saw Mill Splash.  It's a unique ride.

Time to ride a roller coaster.  Outlaw is up first.

This is one big knot of wooden track.

Sidewinder is a favorite of our group.

Dragon was next.

This is the park's lone steel coaster and only looper.

Tornado was next.

This is the park's oldest coaster.

The Underground is a coaster that needs to be experience to be explained.

The park's iconic SkyRide goes right through the trees.

We had a great time today at Adventureland.