January 19, 2015

City Museum

Welcome to St. Louis's City Museum. Be prepared to have your mind blown.

Yeah, that's a jet just hanging out on a tower. We'll get there eventually.

A wall of soda bottles. Because, why not?

There is also a whale to crawl through. Starting to catch on to the random yet?

How about a vault door. No, there's no rhyme or reason to anything here.

There's a huge forest of climbing structures on the bottom floor.
This area is mainly for the smaller folks, but there are some slides
that adults can go down too. Lots of cool things to check out.

Want to run around some fun house ramps? There is a bunch in this area.

A mini train exhibit surrounded by a kiddie train that small kids can ride.

A HUGE pair of tightie whities just hanging out. So random.

Small Egyptian exhibit on the 3rd floor.

So these chairs are rather bizarre. You sit in them and as they spin around it
causes a weird sensation of feeling off balance without actually being off balance.

One of the star attractions of the City Museum is the 12 story, 11 story and 6 story slides.

Looking up from the bottom of the 12 story slide. Yes, it's a long ways up.

Here is the exit of the 6 story slide. All of the slides are spiral.

The caves are the "lowest" part of the museum. More strange stuff to be found down there.

The MAJOR Star Attraction of the City Museum is MONSTROCity. The outdoor portion.

It's like a huge jungle gym created from someone's warped imagination.

You can literally climb in everything that you see in this photo.

There are 4 paths in this photo. Ones where you crawl, scoot, walk, and climb.

You can spend hours out here exploring everything.

So here we are up in the jet that I showed you at the start of this report.

Yeah, that one.

It really is an old jet.

Our next adventure takes us out on the wing of the jet.

Yeah, this might be a good time to forget that I'm afraid of heights.

This is the highest part of MONSTROCity and yes, it does wiggle back and forth.

It really is unnerving going through that section. Quite a rush though.

There's also a huge ball pit to play in. One for kids and one for adults.

There are at least 6 slides out here in MONSTROCity. We're headed to the longest.

We'll leave you with the entrance to the tunnel slide. It's a lot of fun.
Next time you visit St. Louis, you need to visit our Museum. It won't disappoint.