March 22, 2015

Spring Ride Days (SDC)

Welcome to Silver Dollar City and Spring Ride Days.

We headed straight to the new area to check it out.

Let's go into the station and play in the new foam ball factory.

Lots of things to check out.

We found a really good gun.

We keep pelting these people down here and they can't shoot us back.

This looks like a fun ride.

Never mind we're too tall to ride.  No fair.

Let's ride the balloons.

Here we go!

Lucky is here.

Fire Fall is probably the best ride in this area.

Let's go take a lap on the big coasters.

Outlaw Run is still a crazy ride.

WildFire is always a fun ride.

Powder Keg is still the best coaster in the park.

Time for a MUST RIDE for me - Flooded Mine.

Not bad for my first lap of the season.

Well the season is off to a great start.

It was a great day!