August 27, 2016

The Runaway Mountain Coaster

Welcome to the Runaway Mountain Coaster

Missouri FINALLY has its first mountain coaster and
it is located just south of Branson's main drag

Here is the loading area for the Runaway

Sitting in the holding area waiting for the "all clear" 

Like most mountain coasters, we have quite the climb to the top

This makes mountain coaster #6 for me.

I'm sure as the seasons move on, the vegetation will grow back in

The one thing I noticed that was different with this installation...

Was that it was basically one constant lift hill - instead climbs and drops

First thing is first - going full tilt the entire way is amazing

You can really feel the lateral G-forces going through the first helix

I found the bunny hills in this section quite fun.
You actually get some airtime and pop up out of your seat

The next section just keeps getting faster and faster.
Novice riders will more than likely brake here.  DON'T DO IT

If you have full tilt the entire way so far - keep it up.
You get even more lateral G-forces here.  It's so awesome

After the second helix, you have a few more zig zags and then the brake run

This is a great layout and ride.   I haven't decided yet how it rates with the
others that I have ridden - but it is definitely in the top 3.