September 4, 2016

Six Flags St. Louis

Welcome to Six Flags St. Louis

After getting something to eat, I made my way to Justice League

I have to admit - I really like the new "single rider" lane

I headed to Mr. Freeze next - I sure wish they'd turn it back around

Here's some new "theming" on Thunder River
(read: a painted piece of plywood was cheaper than fixing the waterfall)

Pandemonium was very spinny today

I decided to give The Boss a try

If you can ever get on the thing (the pay-to-cuts were horrible on this ride)
it is giving semi-decent rides near the front of the train

This poor thing is screaming out "PLEASE SEND LOVE"
I'm not sure why the park is letting it rot

I had a great ride on Screamin' Eagle today.

Superman: Tower of Power is finally back open again

I do have to admit that Fireball DID open up the views in this section

I still feel that this is a carnival ride and not a park ride.

Still broke... No Big Loss

SkyScreamer feels short anymore.

Tidal Wave was throwing up some crazy waves today

Still one of my favorite mine trains out there - River King

They have a preview building for Holiday in the Park

Don't expect much though.  I hope this isn't indicative of the actual event

Tsunami Soaker actually had guests riding it today

Apparently, this is where the new Spinsanity will go next year

So I took the time and rode the New Revolution VR Coaster.
I thought the graphics looked cheap and the dispatches are horrible now.
Plus the fact that you are on Ninja.  So over all, not a fan.

So when we finally get our 4D Freefly Coaster - will this get a name change?

I still really enjoy this B&M inverted coaster

This was my first real introduction to B&M coasters

One last coaster before calling it a day - American Thunder

I guess I'll be back later this year to check out Holiday in the Park.
Until next time.