October 21, 2018

Craft and Cowboy Festival (SDC)

Welcome back to Silver Dollar City and to the Final Year of the National Crafts and Cowboy Festival.

Even before you make it into the park, you are greeted with numerous Fall decoration displays

You cannot help but smile when you see the numerous scarecrows on display.

The square is once again home to many different crafters.

The Big Wheel Lathe is once again a fixture on the square.

As is the cornucopia.

Several rows of crafters line all sides of the square.

A long time fixture of the Fall Festival - Bratcher Cooperage is back again demonstrating his amazing skills of creating wooden buckets.

There are additional booths along the Riverfront (which will not occur in the future) and out by the Red Gold Courtyard.

The Pottery Shop has some specially themed items for sale.

The Frisco Barn is once again home to the Cowboy Emporium

Many different artists have their works on display for purchase.

The famous of which is Buck Taylor.

In the Red Gold Courtyard, an original SDC stagecoach is on display.  They do several shows throughout the day telling of stories about the stagecoaches at the park and about stagecoaches in general.

Here is a different angle of the stagecoach so you can see it a little better.

Kent Collins is back with his Chuck Wagon Show, also in the Red Gold Courtyard.

Along with his assistant, he tells stories about live on the drive and share recipes and tips on Chuck Wagon Cooking.

His other assistant doesn't seem to be much help, but is an extremely cute dog.

This particular show featured peach cobbler and it was really good.

Here are some more crafters along the road to the Grand Expo.

The Final Craft and Cowboy Festival runs through October 28th.