January 15, 2019

Sea Life Kansas City

Welcome to the Crown Center the home of Sea Life Kansas City (and Legoland Discovery Center - but we can't go in there due to their silly rules)

The entry portal to Sea Life.

They even have a pretty nice aquarium in the lobby.

The first room is home to a tank that takes up almost all of the walls of the circular room.

This school of fish are called Lookdown

Next is the Mississippi and Missouri River Room

Striped Bass

Black Crappie

Coastal Room


Neons and Gobys

Touch Pool

There were Chocolate Chip Starfish

and Horseshoe Crabs in these pools

Lion Fish

First look into the main tank.

A couple of nice sized rays

Striped Burrfish

Smallmouth Grunt

Cottonwick Grunt

Triggerfish, Soldierfish, and Squirrelfish.

Regal Tang and more Soldierfish

Banggai Cardinalfish

African Moony

Garden Eel

Zebra Moray Eel

Foxface Rabbitfish

Sunflower Star

Weedy Sea Dragon

Entering the Ocean Tunnel

Bowmouth Guitarshark


Sea Turtle


Lots of fish

This ray decided to lay on top of the tunnel.  It's not really that big, the curved glass is distorting it.

Black Tip Reef Shark

Moving on to the next room we see Moon Jellies.

Lots of Nemos!

They have a small crawl through tank for the kids.

Caribbean Tank Room.

Lots of different types of rays in this tank

You can get all sorts of views of the aquatic wildlife.  There's above pool viewing, poolside and then they have underwater bubbles you can climb into to look at the creatures.

Here's the view in one the bubbles.

Lined Seahorse with some Razorfish

Potbelly Seahorse

Clown Triggerfish

The final room allows you to color in your own sea creature.

When you are satisfied with it, you release it into the pool.  It will dance on your screen for a little while then it will...

head out of your cave into the main pool which is a large projection screen on the wall.  It was pretty neat to see your creation on the big screen.

The concludes our tour of Sea Life Kansas City.  If you decide to visit, be sure to get your tickets online as there is a discount that is not available at the front door.