February 14, 2021

Diagon Alley - Universal Studios Orlando


Through that wall is a magical land

But before you go in, make sure you say hello to Kreacher.

Through this hole in the wall you have entered Diagon Alley

Hungry?  Stop by the Leaky Cauldron

Stop by the Quidditch store to check out the latest racing brooms

Weasley's is always a great place to shop

Make sure you look up when you're in the store

Ollivander's is the your one-stop shop for wands

There are lots of neat stores to check out here

They have the best ice cream here

Butterbeer is my go to

One of two stores that sell Butterbeer in Diagon Alley

Here's the other

For the adventurous type, you can always tryout Knockturn Alley

Bourgen and Burkes has all of your dark arts needs covered

A few witches in training

Looks like a dragon got loose and is perched on top of Gringotts Bank

Watch out for his fire ball

The main attraction in this area is located inside Gringotts Bank

It really is impressive looking

Goblins hard at work

If you are looking to open an account visit with this guy

On your way to the actual ride, you get to see some interesting areas of the bank.  The attraction is really an experience that starts in the actual queue