February 13, 2021

Islands of Adventure


Welcome to Islands of Adventure.  This is Day 1 of our Presidents Day Weekend Vacation

I love passing through this portal.

Have you ever taken the time to check out the front entry area?  There are some amazing sights

We headed right and into Seuss Landing

The Trolley Train Ride was a walk-on so we took advantage

You can get a good view of most of the park from up here

We can hardly wait to return later this year to try out the new Jurassic World VelicoCoaster

Part of the Sneetches themeing of the Trolley Train Ride

Heading back into the station

Fun quote on the back of the Seuss Landing entry sign

The Jurassic Park River Adventure is always a good time.  We wonder if it will be upgraded to the new version that is at the Hollywood park since we seem to be headed to a Jurassic World retheme of the section

The VelicoCoaster was testing both days that we were at the resort

Kong is a favorite of our family

Due to weather (we think) the trucks were not going outside but instead right into the cave.

This woman be crazy

Only Dudley Do-Right was open in Toon Lagoon.  Popeye's is currently down for refurbishment

There's a lot of cool visuals in this area, but not many attractions

Spider-Man's queue is currently being renovated so the queue is all outside in another area.  It really looses something in this set-up and we hope its back to normal when we return

Fear Fall is fun.  It's a lot better when the single rider line is open, but it was still fun

HULK is still a great coaster

Nighttime photos of Seuss Landing

Fireworks from the lagoon show at Universal Studios were visible behind the Circus tent


We had a great first day, but we are only getting started