February 21, 2021

Gateway Arch


Welcome to Gateway Arch National Park

The National Park Museum has received a massive update and expansion since our last visit

The entrance to the museum

The museum is divided into sections.  This section focuses on the design of the arch

A model showing how the elevator works

Here is a model of the tulip style seats that the cabins of the elevator use

This section covers 1838-1860 or the Riverfront Era

There is a big display on riverboats

Here is what the riverfront looked like back then

This section covers 1804 - 1840 or Jefferson's Vision

Statue of Thomas Jefferson

A very large teepee is on display

This section covers 1764 - 1804 or the Colonial St. Louis

There is a cabin on display here

Pelt trading was big during this time

This section covers the Manifest Destiny

Full-sized stagecoach on display

There is also a tribute to Native Americans

This section focuses on 1860 - 1930 or New Frontiers

The big focus here is manufacturing

In the Arch Lobby there is a museum store and models of the arch.  This model shows the visitor viewing area at the top of the arch

A huge wall mural of prominent figures that helped lead to the building and construction of the arch.  Behind the wall is a theatre that shows a documentary on the arch

Before deciding if you actually want to go to the top.  There is a full scale mockup of the top that you can try out.  The real beacon on top of the arch is the same size as the one on display here

Time to take our ride to the top

The capsules are quite snug.

Looking out into the insides of the arch and the emergency staircase

Welcome to the top

The windows aren't very big, but they offer a great view


The shadow of the arch on the Mississippi River

One last look at Illinois

Downtown St. Louis, Missouri

There's the new entrance to the Arch

For those wondering what it looks like at the Top during the current "situation"

It is 630' tall at the very center of the top of the Arch

The exit is the old entrances to the Arch.

The Gateway Arch National Park is a great place to visit