February 19, 2023

City Update - Parking (SDC)


There is a massive parking lot project going on at SDC right now

Basically anything that you thought you knew about parking at SDC can be thrown out the window.

This is the view from the lower lot that was right next to Indian Point Road.

It appears that a new bridge is being put in here

This is the view of the new bridge from Indian Point Road

The ridge is where the new entrance road will be located

This is the view from old Lot 5 (on the other side of Indian Point Road from the other lots)

So much land clearing

This is the view from the grass parking lot on the other side of Indian Point road from the main parking lots.  You can see that the old Stop 3 lot is completely gone as is the that weird smaller lot that was across the entrance path from Stop 3 lot

On top of the hill was where that smaller lot used to be

They also making the Stop 4 lot bigger.  This was the newest lot that was attached to the main lots.

We've heard that this project won't be completed until this summer, so it will be interesting to see where they will park everyone here in a couple of weeks when the park opens for the season on March 11th