September 30, 2023

Pumpkins in the City (SDC)


The new portal for Pumpkins in the City begins at the "toll bridge"

Lots of glowing pumpkin style orbs hang from the sky

Moving on down past Echo Hollow you get into more decorations

The main icon returns this season and is standing in his spot near Red Gold

Most of the pumpkin displays can be found in the Grand Expo area

The larger displays are mainly in this area

Pumpkin Plaza is where the dance party and specialty food can be found

Foggy Hollow returns this season

It does provide some interesting visuals
Lucky in pumpkin form can be found on the Toy Store roof

Lots of bats on the Riverfront Playhouse

Even bigger ones on this side

The Smokehouse logo in pumpkin form on its roof

Campfire scene can be found near Outlaw Run

The Harvest Festival runs through the last weekend of October