October 8, 2023

Fright Fest - Day (SFSTL)


Welcome to Fright Fest at Six Flags St. Louis

When the water starts running red in the front fountain you already know what is about to go down

Don't forget to stop by the Blood Bank for all of your favorite spirits

The entertainment here is to die for

Large spider near Thunder River's entrance

Giant troll in the clearing between the two arbor tunnels

The spiders have been busy

Love at First Fright is celebrating 30 years this season in the Palace Theater

Dead Man's Party is back on the Palace Front Porch

Beware the mines at River King

The Rolling Bones

Be sure to check on the cemetery in the Palace Gardens

The train is back in operation now that Rookie Racer has opened

It is currently only offering round trip rides from the St. Louis station

You just drive past the Chicago station which looks like this

Before the evening scaries begin the train is used to transport the screamsters to the opening ceremony

The Freaks have been Unleashed

Let the Terror Begin!