January 27, 2024

Sea Life Kansas City


Welcome to the Crown Center home to two Merlin owned attractions Legoland Discovery Center and Sea Life.

Today we are visiting Sea Life 

The first room is the Infinity Aquarium

The infinity aquarium is home to African and Silver Moony

Next is the Rivers Room home to carp, bass and crappie

Good looking Largemouth Bass


Next up is the Pier which has some Tang

Yellow Stingray


Australian Stripey

Honeycomb Moray

Giant Pacific Octopus

Weedy Sea Dragon

Sea Turtle

Deep Sea Aquarium

Moon Jellies


Bonnethead Shark

Reef Aquarium with fish from "Nemo"

Lots of clownfish

Stingray Lagoon


Nurse Shark

Potbellied Seahorse

Scribbed Anthias