July 18, 2013

Canada's Wonderland

Welcome to Canada's Wonderland.

Flight Deck.

This is a very rough SLC coaster.  It does have great thematic elements.

Time Warp.

Ever roll down a hill in a bath tub?  That's basically what this ride is.  Ouch.

A beautiful carousel.


Sledge Hammer is a very unique and awesome ride.


This coaster was really the coaster that started the current boom of hypercoasters.

Stunt Coaster.


This old school stand-up coaster needed to stay in the old school.  Ouch!

The Mighty Canadian Minebuster.

More like Backbuster.

Windseekers are so much fun.


I love the old school suspended coasters.

It is so neat how this coaster interacts with Wonder Mountain.

Thunder Run.

It also interacts with Wonder Mountain.

It's a pretty fun ride that is mainly indoors.

The Fly.

This is your basic mouse coaster.

Silver Streak.

This is your typical Junior Inverted.

Taxi Jam.

Ghoster Coaster.

This has the same layout as almost every junior wooden coaster out there.

The Bat - it's a standard Boomerang.

Wild Beast.

The park's wooden coasters are just crap - including this one.

Drop Zone.


Dragon Fire.

This old school Arrow looper is kind of forgotten in the park.


This gigacoaster is over 300' tall and extremely fast.  It's a great addition to the park.

This is a great park.  Toronto is so lucky to have it.