Sunday, April 18, 2021

Street Fest - Food (SDC)



A major part of the new Street Fest is the food offerings.  SDC has created Tasting Passports to help guests maximize their food spending money and be able to test out these new offerings

The Passport costs $30 + tax for park guests.  Season passholders get 10% off and Gold passholders get 20 % the price.  Once purchased you can get 5 tastings from the list of options on the back.  We are going to show you our selections from today

Hannah's Ice Cream Parlor
Thoughts: The ride mixture of ice cream and soda.  Really liked the strawberry garnish at the bottom of the cup and the large strawberry skewer accent.  

Also available here is the Triple Dip Cone and two other flavors of floats.  You can see prices and details listed in this photo

The Bread Company
Thoughts: I was able to get a sampler of all three types offered.  Shrimp - There were only 2 shrimp in the taco and the rest of the ingredients didn't do much for me.  Sweet & Spicy Beef - it had some nice flavoring to it. Carne Asada - was my favorite of the three, actually had some meat in it

Here is is other offerings at the Fry Bread Company including what each of the three taco styles have in them.  They also offer desert nachos but we did not try them on this visit

Lady Liberty Dining Pavilion
Thoughts: The combination of food elements pays homage to the Canadian dish in a purely American way.  It has great flavor, though we found the gravy was a little salty.  The cheese curds were very yummy.  Chicken tenders were perfectly done.  The fries were crispy to perfection.  Didn't see the point of the kale leaf.

There are 4 different varieties to choose from.  We'll probably get a different one next time

Flossie's Fried Fancies
Thoughts: I never would have considered fusing these two flavors together but they really work.  The Carnitas were great.  The ravoli probably should have been toasted instead of fried, but it works.  Great flavoring combination.

If you are less adventurous you can get the Ravioli plain.  There is also a Taco option.  Not sure how that would taste.  I'm afraid the taco meat would make everything runny

Hatfield's Tater Patch
Thoughts: We decided to get one of each type.  Supposedly they are Sweet & Spicy, Garlic Parmesan & Red Pepper, Chorizo and Loaded Potato.  Other than the Loaded Potato they are basically the same with a different sauce on top.  So if you want to check these out go with the Loaded Potato.  Have to admit I was not overly impressed with these.  Also pictured is a full serving, the tasting card will get you only two.

Hatfield's Tater Patch
Thoughts: They offer Buffalo, BBQ or Teriyaki.  For a tasting you only get one skewer.  I chose Teriyaki and honestly this was probably the worst food choice of the day.  The chicken was burnt on one side to where it was inedible and had to be removed in order to actually eat any of the skewer.  It had no real flavoring to it other than chicken.  Very disappointing.

If you get the full sized versions, you get 3 skewers or 4 Tater Tumblers.  You are allowed to mix and match.  We will pass on this one next time.  There are much better options

Dockside Grill has Street Mac & Cheese and Street Hot Dogs.  I'm pretty sure we will need to stop here next weekend.  Stay tuned for more food coverage as we continue to try out all the thing.