April 30, 2021


Some interesting developments are happening at Batman the Ride

After years of having a super long queue, the park has finally installed a shortcut

In addition, they have added this large cement slab that has the Batman logo in it.  We suspect that the Batmobile is going to find a new home here

Here's looking back the other way.

We'll have to keep an eye on this area this summer.

Near Boomerang, the new sitting area has opened.

Speaking of Boomerang, it also has divider panels with windows like at Batman

Deconstruction continues at Superman Tower of Power.  The queue area has been completely stripped of decorations and even queue line railings.

It appears that wiring is being removed as they slowly take down this former attraction

Finally, the park has admitted that the Moon cars will not be returning.  This sign is now posted at the former entrance to the ride