April 3, 2021



Welcome to Dollywood

The beautiful Dollywood Grist Mill

The Wilderness Church

The Smoky Mountain Rampage was open today despite cooler temperatures.

Barnstormer is always a fun ride

Tennessee Tornado is a great old school Arrow looper

Wild Eagle headed up the mountain

Fire Chaser Express is a great family coaster

Mystery Mine towers over the area

The newly redone outdoor section of Mystery Mine

Wildwood Grove is the newest area of the park

There are several large family rides in this area

The Dragonflier is an awesome family inverted coaster

This ride is definitely worth numerous laps

The flyers in the area were a lot of fun

Thunderhead is the park's classic wooden coaster

DropLine is the park's drop tower

Klondike Katie was pulling the train cabins up the mountain today

She's a very impressive engine

Our family loves swings and we had to hit up this one

Scramblers are also our guilty pleasure

We finally got a ride on Lightning Rod.  The lines were ridiculous during our visit