August 5, 2021

Grand Carnivale - Entertainment (WOF)



Time to check out the entertainment line up for this year's version of Grand Carnivale

The Carnivale troop makes its way to International Plaza

The Royal Opening Ceremony features the entire Carnivale Troop

It also introduces the King and Queen of Grand Carnivale

It is a really fun and up tempo show

Next is Carnivale Drumline

They have some backup dancers that seem to have a good time

After a quick set change it is time for Royal Rhythms

Performing an extra long song set with the Powerhouse Band the group performs and dances to numerous Latin-inspired songs

It is really a great show that will have you dancing along

The Royale Finale ends the evening with fireworks

and a performance by the entire Carnivale troop

It's a Spectacle of Color, unlike any other.

The theme song for the entire event is so catchy