August 15, 2021

Six Flags Great America


Welcome to Six Flags Great America

The main reason for our visit was the finally ride Maxx Force.  It was under construction still during our last visit in 2019 and well last year was 2020....

We really enjoyed the ride.  The launch is fantastic.  It reminded us of a next-gen version of PowderKeg

Too bad that it is such a short ride

Time to do a lap around the park and ride all the things.
We started with the Dark Knight

Next was Superman -- and believe it or not, they were not stacking trains at all today.  Yes they were running two trains.

Probably the slowest ops in the park.  They could take some lessons from Adventureland

Is this the most forceful Batman?  Just seems a lot faster than ours in St. Louis

I love impulses.  I will gladly take a hand-me down at any of our Missouri parks

Its so cute.  I remember when it was the big ride at Kiddieland

Goliath was having issues this weekend.  We got a ride on it Saturday but it was down all day Sunday

Forgive me Joker, Eagle had even worse ops.  ONE side open.  ONE train ops.

I don't understand why this has been cloned to all of the parks yet

I wish Demon would love me back ... instead of just breaking my back

This is still here.

Probably still my favorite ride in the park.

Viper was giving great rides today

I have to ride this every time I visit

I sure wish this was my local Six Flags park