August 5, 2021

Grand Carnivale (WOF)


Welcome to Grand Carnivale at Worlds of Fun

This is honestly one of the best things the park does every summer

The decorations are continuing to expand through out the park each year

Really like this joker

Front Street really looks nice

Some official Grand Carnivale merchandise at Plaza Gifts

CHINA Pavilion food stand - China Delights

Really like this dralion.  I wouldn't mind it sticking around after the festival

Some more decorations in the China Pavilion

The "adult beverage" pavilion

GERMANY Pavilion food stand

The stacked barrels are fun

FRANCE Pavilion food stand

Some French decorations

ITALY Pavilion

They have a specialty midway game here too

ITALY Pavilion food stand

INDIA Pavilion food stand

Some Indian decorations

You can also meet and greet the Prince and Princess of Carnival here

Grand Carnivale Craft Booth

Another specialty midway game is located nearby

SPAIN Pavilion food stand

Appears that the Jesters Dance Party is going on at the International Plaza Stage

New this year is Mardi's QR Scavenger Hunt

This is also the same tent where you can pick up your Season Pass button

Back to the Scavenger Hunt.  In each pavilion you have to locate that pavilion's mascot and take a selfie with it and then return to the tent with selfies with all 6 mascots.
In CHINA you have to find Bao the Panda

FRANCE is Suzette the Poodle

ITALY is Francesca the Owl

INDIA is Tanvi the Tiger

SPAIN is Hugo the Tortoise

GERMANY is Franze the Reindeer 

As a reward for successfully completing the Scavenger Hunt you receive this awesome button collection featuring all of the different mascots of Grand Carnivale