March 14, 2005

Disney's Blizzard Beach

Welcome to Disney's Blizzard Beach.

First off, the theme of this place is amazing.

The backstory is there was a freak snowstorm in Florida, and they decided to build a ski resort to capitalize on it.  However, when the snow started to melt, they decided to turn the place into a waterpark instead using all of the ski resort items that they had already built.

The kiddie area.

This is the mascot of the kiddie area.

The entire park is built around this giant ski jump.

Cross Country Creek circles the entire park.

Beware of the many obstacles along the route that shoot freezing water.

Melt Away Bay is the park's wave pool.

Ski Patrol is the park's activity pool area.

Runoff Rapids is a series of three tube slides on the back of the mountain.

Downhill Double Dipper is a timed set of racing tube slide.

Toboggan Racers is an 8-lane racing slide.

Snow Stormers is the a slalom style mat racing slide complex.

To reach the major attractions you need to take the Chair Lift up the mountain.

The marquee attraction at the park is Summit Plummet.

This is the tallest bodyslide in the nation and you fly down that hill very quickly.

Next door is the Slush Gusher, a camel backed body slide.

Teamboat Springs is the family raft ride.

When it opened, it was the largest of its kind.

It is a great slide.

This is probably the best waterpark I've ever been to.