March 16, 2005


Welcome to Epcot!

First ride of the day would be Mission Space.

I find this ride to be extremely intense.

I'm not sure if I would classify it as "fun" because the forces are almost too much.

Unless you HAVE to do Body Wars, this pavilion is pretty forgettable.

This is a great place to take a nap - and see some crudely done animatronic dinosaurs.

Test Track is a lot of fun.

They had this concept car on display in the showroom.

I also had to "try out" a Hummer.

The Imagination Pavilion is the home to an old 4D movie and a horrible dark ride.

In the Living Seas with Nemo and Friends, they have a new area open called Bruce's Sub House.

The area is sort of a playground where you can pose with the sharks from Nemo.

Fish are friends, not food.


Turtle Talk with Crush is a fun show where kids get to talk to Crush on screen.

Time to check out the World Showcase.  The first pavilion is Mexico.

Mexico has a cute boat ride inside the temple.

It reminds me a little of "it's a small world"

The next pavilion is Norway.

The ride in this pavilion is called Maelstrom.

I enjoyed the band that was performing.

The next pavilion is China.

The pavilion features a nice restaurant.

It also has a Circle-vision theater that shows an I-MAX movie of China.

Germany is next.

Here they have a Oktoberfest show in their Biergarten.

It's a great show and has awesome food.

Italy pavilion.

We are halfway around the World Showcase and are now in the American Adventure pavilion.

There's a major animatronic show inside this building.

Japan pavilion.

Another pavilion with great food.


Some nice looking buildings in this area.

France.  They have a movie here called Impressions de France.


Go to this pavilion if you like fish and chips.

Canada is the final pavilion.  They also have a Circle Vision movie here called O Canada