April 15, 2006

Grand Exposition Media Day (SDC)

Welcome to the newest section of Silver Dollar City - The Grand Exposition.

The new section is split into different sections.  First up is Commerce.

Here is a tower of exotic produce.

New forms of communication.

There is also a tribute to the dairy industry with the cow statue.

Different posters advertising different aspects of the Exposition now line the Red Gold Plaza.

I really like the compass rose that they added here in front of the Red Gold Heritage Hall.

The new Lady Liberty dining area just outside the Red Gold Heritage Hall.

A huge map greets you as you head down into the heart of the new area.

The next section is the Arts.

Here you can find a beautiful gazebo area with live music.

I really like the addition of the two fountains.

A really pretty centerpiece for the area.

Our first new ride of the day would be the Magnificent Wave Carousel.

Due to its prominent location, it can be seen anywhere in the new section.

The next section is Science.

The first ride in the area is the Happy Frogs.

The Ladybugs.

The final ride in this area is the Wings of Wonder.

The next section is Industry.

The main attraction in this section is the Electro-Spin

There's another ride in this section.

That's right folks - we have a NEW rollercoaster at Silver Dollar City.

Don't let the size fool you.  It's pretty intense for a kiddie coaster.

Nah, I'm just kidding, but it is fun.

The final section of the new area is Travel.

First up is the Royal Tea Party.

This has to be one of the largest buildings I've ever seen for a tea cup ride.

Next is the Elephant March.

The Racing Regatta.

The final new ride is the Mighty Galleon.

They also have some games of chance - the only difference here is that you play until you win.  So basically you are paying to play a game to get a souvenir.

They have additional banners at different locations throughout the new area.

Thanks again to Silver Dollar City for inviting us out to cover the Grand Opening of the Grand Exposition.  This is an excellent addition to the park.