June 10, 2006

Coaster Craze - Valleyfair!


Welcome to Valleyfair! and Coaster Craze 2006

I have always loved the retro feel of this park's entrance.

ERT started off on WildThing

It was nice to get in multiple rides on this hyper coaster without waiting in line.

WildThing is a lot of fun

We also had ERT on Xtreme Swing.

Who doesn't like an S&S swing?

We had a little time before lunch so we decided to ride the other coasters.

Corkscrew is a quality Arrow looper

High Roller is the park's resident wooden coaster.

It has a classic feel to it.

Steel Venom is the park's impulse coaster.

The event ended with a lunch and Q&A session

Attendees enjoying a yummy lunch.

Park marketing staff conducted a Q&A session and also gave away prizes.

Had a great time at Coaster Craze.  Hope we can come back again soon.