June 10, 2006


Welcome to Valleyfair!

This is the front gate area for the park.

The park's classic Carousel.




The Wave.

Skyscraper is an upcharge attraction at the park.

There are two seats on each end of the boom.  Once loaded, the ride windmills the seats around at high velocities and the seats have the ability to flip while going around.

Lady Luck.

Looping Starship.

Raging Rapids is the park's rapids style ride.

Flying Trapeze

Balloon Chase.

Foam Ball Factory.

Rockin' Tug.

RipTide is a Huss Top Spin.

For added thrills, they have incorporated water elements.

The park has a collection of 3 S&S tower rides called Power Tower.

The 2 red towers are turbo drops and the 1 blue tower is a space shot.

I find the turbo drops to be more fun on this tower as I think the space shot side is too tall to really provide any "pops" of intense airtime at the top.


Ferris Wheel.


Steel Venom an Intamin Impulse Coaster.

The kiddie coaster at the park is called Mild Thing.

Mad Mouse is an Arrow built mouse coaster.

High Roller - the park's classic out and back wooden coaster.

Excalibur - a strange Arrow built coaster.

Corkscrew -  built by Arrow.

Wild Thing is the park's Morgan built hypercoaster.

I had a great day at the park.