July 25, 2008

Coaster Craze - Valleyfair!


Welcome to Coaster Craze 2008 at Valleyfair!

Morning ERT was on Renegade

and on WildThing

You have to love having multiple rides on a hypercoaster.

Once ERT was done we went and rode the other coasters.

High Roller was up first and it delivered a great ride.

We got a ride in on Mad Mouse before the lines got too long.

We had a little bit more time before lunch so we went and knocked out Steel Venom

I love S&S swing rides.

The last ride before lunch was Corkscrew.

Time for lunch.

I love the cake they had

Here is the spread of prizes they had to give away to the attendees.

They also had a Q&A session.

Another successful event.  Thanks for a great day, Valleyfair!