July 26, 2008

Mt. Olympus Amusement Park

Welcome to Mt. Olympus Amusement Park

Zeus was up first

Zeus was out of control

Hades is crazy

It dives down under the parking lot and does a 90* curve.

I wish it was smoother, but it's pretty rough

Cyclops is the best wooden coaster in the park

The ejector airtime at the end of the ride is crazy

The junior wooden coaster is called Pegasus

There's nothing JUNIOR about this coaster.  It's fun

The park also has a kiddie coaster called Junior Titans

This is the indoor amusement park

This is OPA

I have never spun so much on a wild mouse before.

The park also has some great go-cart tracks.  This is the Trojan horse track

Yeah I had a great time.

I had a good time at Mt. Olympus - I just wish they'd take better care of their rides.