July 19, 2012

Six Flags Great America

Welcome to Six Flags Great America.

Whizzer would be the first coaster of the day.

I have a soft spot for Whizzer because it reminds me so much of the Zambezi Zinger.

There's nothing intense about this coaster, it's just fun.

Next door is Demon.

An old school Arrow looper.

Into the Southewest Territory section for our next coaster - VIPER

I find this to be one of the better "Cyclone clones" out there.

Very enjoyable.

Since we are here, might as well ride Raging Bull.

It towers over most of the park.

Heading down the first drop.

Heading up into the second half of the ride.

The Giant Drop is also in this section.

The newest coaster at the park is X FLIGHT.

This is a B&M wing coaster.

That first drop though.

The trains for wing coasters are unlike anything else.

The keyhole passes that the layout goes through adds to the thrill.

American Eagle time.

This giant pile of lumber has been going for a long time now.

Quite the massive structure.

So... Iron Wolf is gone.

Spacely's Sprocket Rocket is actually pretty fun.

The Little Dipper is also a lot of fun.

Vertical Velocity.

Batman is celebrating 20 years this season.

It is still one of the best inverteds out there.

Very intense.

Time for a spinny mouse - RAGIN' CAJUN.

It's an enjoyable ride.

King Chaos.

The Dark Knight - or "a mouse coaster in a box"

Superman: Ultimate Flight time.

Fun ride.  Crappy dispatch times.

I'm Flying!

A great day at Great America!