February 9, 2013

Dutchman's Deck (MOA)

Welcome to Dutchman's Deck at Mall of America.

The main attraction here is the ropes course.

There are four levels of obstacles for you to transverse.

As you go higher in the complex, the complexity of the obstacles goes up as well.

Participants are secured with a harness around their lower torso and bottom.

Then that harness is secured to a slack line that has a roller in the track above them.

The ultimate obstacle on the course is the Gang Plank where your walk out on a small board, take the two ropes that are provided and lean forward over the park below.  It's quite the rush.

The exit to the ropes course is now these two twisted spiral slides called Anchor Drop.

Once you enter the slides you cannot go back to the ropes course, but you can ride the slides as many times as you would like.  There are two different ones to choose from.

It's a fun place to visit - and it can be quite the workout.