April 18, 2014

Opening Weekend (SFSTL)

It's time for a new season of thrills at Six Flags St. Louis.

I started off the season at Batman,

The Batman layouts are still some of the most intense out there.

I took my annual lap on Ninja.

I immediately remembered why it is only rode once a year.

Tsunami Soaker is not quire ready for the season.

It's looking good.  Should be a nice addition to the park.

River King Mine Train is one my favorite rides in the park.

Let's go kick the air on SkyScreamer.

Boomerang.  Nope, not going to happen.

I love this old wooden coaster - Screamin' Eagle.

Another "one and done" for the season coaster - The Boss.

The line was short so I took a lap on Pandemonium.

Time for a blast.

This ride is so much fun.

Probably the best wooden coaster in the park - American Thunder.

This park is really starting to get its act together.

Thanks for a great day, Six Flags.

Until next time.