March 19, 2011

Half Dollar Holler Grand Opening (SDC)

Welcome to the Grand Opening of Half Dollar Holler!

A new shop associated with the new area is Bears at the Holler

This shop allows guests to "Build a Friend"

The new factory looks to be quite popular

Let's take a look inside the brand new area

I liked the idea of having a dedicated Stroller Parking area

It is great that the park has a carousel again

A lot of people will get nostalgia riding this "old friend" that was located at the park quite awhile ago

The new area is directly under the Swinging Bridge

Some purists might not like the change, but I think it adds some character to the area

To reach the Lil Swings, you have to actually go under the bridge.

I think the Lil Swings ride blends in nicely with the new area

My only complaint is that it is sort of hidden from the main midways so I don't know if that will effect traffic to the ride

There is also a small amphitheater in the area 

It has a nice setting, but I am not sure of the practicality 

This houses a Sand Station

It really wasn't being used much though

Let's check out the main addition of the new area

They nailed the look for the structure

Very whimsical 
Lots of different things for kids to explore

There are bouncy nets

Just a really neat set up

That's the end