November 4, 2023

Season Pass Ornaments (SDC)


Silver Dollar City was one of the first parks in the nation to offer a Christmas event to extend their season.  The park started to commemorate these events with Christmas ornaments after a few years.  The first major ornament was offered in 1992 in the form of a wooden Christmas tree.  The following year, a logo bauble was released. 

In 1993, Silver Dollar City began the tradition of providing its Season Passholders with a pewter Christmas ornament for attending at least 5 of their festivals throughout the season.  

In the 2003 Season, with the addition of the Celebration City, those with the All-City Season Pass were given an additional ornament for visiting all three parks.  This continued through 2008 when Celebration City closed for good at the end of the season.

Wooden Christmas Tree

Logo bauble

Wilderness Church

Frisco Steam Train

Icon Christmas Wreath

Main Street Fire Tower

Lloyd "Shad" Heller Tribute

Harvey Water Clock

Icon Christmas Tree

Hotel / Hannah's Ice Cream Shop

McHaffie's Homestead

Electric Star Ferris Wheel
(2003 All City Pass)

Silver Dollar Saloon

Freedom Fountain
(2004 All City Pass)

Brown's Candy Factory

Ozark Wildcat
(2005 All City Pass)

Sullivan's Mill

Celebration City Carousel
(2006 All City Pass)

Opera House - A Dicken's Christmas Carol

Kalani Towers - Inaugural Season
(2007 All City Pass)

Carrie's Candles

Showboat Branson Belle
(2008 All City Pass)

Culinary & Craft School - Inaugural Season

Lost River of the Ozarks

Silver Dollar City 50th Anniversary Logo

Hugo & Mary's Carousel

It's A Wonderful Life - Inaugural Season

Outlaw Run - Inaugural Season

Celebrate America - 2014 Season Theme

Fireman's Landing - Inaugural Season

America's Celebration of Family - 2016 Season Theme

The Year of Food & Crafts - 2017 Season Theme

Time Traveler - Inaugural Season

Joy on Town Square - Inaugural Season

Mystic River Falls - Inaugural Season

Silver Dollar City 60th Anniversary Logo
(2020 Bonus)

Christmas in Midtown

Silver Dollar City Jail

Fire in the Hole