January 5, 2018

City Changes (SDC)

Changes continue to happen at Silver Dollar City on Settler's Ridge (the area near Time Traveler).  Carr Excavating posted these photos of Pokesalad Mary's being demolished this week.

It is interesting that this building is being removed as it appeared that the new boardwalk exit for Time Traveler actually went around it.

Carr Excavating made short work of tearing down the structure.

By night fall, most of the structure's rubble remains had been taken off site already.  You'll note here that on the right you can see the "back porch" of the secondary Time Traveler building (which we still are guessing will be merchandise for the ride).

One final photo (this one a still from a video that Carr posted), and while I haven't been able to verify it with photos yet, I have a feeling that the other restaurants on Settler's Ridge (Annie's and Buck Shots) have also been removed.