January 27, 2018

City Changes (SDC)

Carr Excavating provided the internet with a new photo today that sheds a lot of light on what is going on at the park.  To say this area looks different is quite the understatement

First off you can see a new restaurant on the right that juts up against Cowboy Jepp's and is right on the lake of Flooded Mine. 

Next you can see that they have removed Big Skillet (which was right next to the new Time Traveler Shop), Buckshot Annie's and Pokesalad Mary's.  We are not sure if Hatfield's is still standing as it would be directly behind where this photo was taken.  

Finally, it looks like most of the trees have been removed in the area as the entire pavement has been ripped up and the trees should be where the cat on the left is sitting.