November 4, 2018

An Old Time Christmas - Decor (SDC)


In this report, we will take a look at the day time decor at SDC for An Old Time Christmas.

Heading into the Main Street / Square area

They have carriage rides during the day on the square

If you want Cinnamon Bread during An Old Time Christmas, we highly recommend reserving your loaves early in the day as they will sell out and often times they will be sold out in the early afternoon

Time Traveler area 

Looking towards Red Gold Heritage Hall

Jingle Bell Junction in the Frisco Barn

The Nativity scene is now located by the old Waterboggan tower.

The Flooded Mine is back with its Christmas overlay

The warden's Christmas tree

Here we go.

The prisoners all have Santa hats.

The mine is looking and sounding great.  Have you rode lately?

Really like the wreath on the front of the Frisco train.

Make plans to visit the 'City during the holidays - it is truly a magical place

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