November 24, 2018

Winterfest Decorations (WOF)


Welcome to Winterfest: the Sequel at Worlds of Fun

Decorations have spread to the parking lot this year with wreaths on all of the parking lot lightpoles.

A new reindeer was added to the balloon icon sign just outside the main gate.

The main gate.

The 70' icon tree is located just inside the main gate in International Plaza.

Several penguins are stationed around the trees in International Plaza.

Along with some very large Christmas baubles.

A snow angel photo prop has been added for this year.

A look towards the main stage and icon tree.

An elf with his airplane stationed just outside the Nole Pole Post Office.

Some cool looking candy castle decorations near Nordic Chaser.

The topiaries in Africa have been dressed up for Winterfest with bows

Large stars hanging next to the DinoStore in Africa.

The floral clock has been turned into a giant wreath

A big teddy bear has been stationed in front of Moulin Rouge

Some photo props in Europa.

Another over by the Europa tree

Some cool vehicles on the roof of Vittle Griddle.

or should I say Vixen's Fixin's

New Personalized Ornaments shop.

Several rides were open during Winterfest.

The new Tinsel Town area.

This area looked awesome

Really liked the decorations on the light poles

Decorations in Planet Snoopy

These light bulbs were huge.

I really liked the new wreaths on the light poles.

Lantern festival going in the Orient Section

Some neat decorations in the Bamboozler pond

The sun is setting on the SteelHawk Christmas Tree of Lights.

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