November 21, 2018

Mystic River Falls (SDC)

We knew it wouldn't take long before work would begin on the redevelopment of the Riverfront area.  A new "land bridge" has been constructed near the Rib House.

They basically just filled in a section of the canal for the Lost River.

I'm guessing that those beams are to help the vehicles up onto the bridge from the city path next to Rib House.

They've already begun to dig things up over in the queue area of Lost River.

There is yellow caution tape around the area that they have worked on so far.

You can see some of the area that's been dug up here.

No other work is visible, yet, on the rest of Lost River's course.

We imagine once the fences go up after this busy week, things will start moving much faster.

We're curious if they'll block this view from the Giant Barn Swing as well.

As reported earlier, Lake Silver is almost completely drained.

We're curious if they'll keep this bridge for awhile for construction access or if it'll come down quickly with the rest of the buildings.

Panning over to the Fireman's Landing you can see just how low the Lake is.

While they do lower the Lake each year for off season maintenance, it is never this low.

We'll be back again soon to see what progress has been done on this exciting new project for the park