May 15, 2020

Map Update (WOF/OOF)

The latest edition of the Worlds of Fun / Oceans of Fun map has been released on the park's website - granted you have to really search for it (and there's not just a printable version).  Let's take a look at some of the changes coming to the parks this season (whenever they finally open)

The most obvious addition is Riptide Raceway at Oceans of Fun.  This brightly colored new racing mat slide replaces the former Diamond Head slide complex.

Now for some surprising changes over in Oceans of Fun.  Buccaneer Bay (the canoes and swan paddle boats) is now gone.  In addition, two of the smaller slide complexes that fed into Coconut Cove are missing.

Moving over to Worlds of Fun now.  Dinosaurs Alive has been removed, as was expected considering that the contract with the company was set to expire at the end of the 2019 Season

I know this is not new to the map this year, but I'll never tire of seeing the floral clock being back on the map

Big news in the world of food, Chickie and Pete's will not be returning to the either park this year.  The one in Oceans of Fun will now by Surf's Up BBQ and will feature a menu resembling the one at Cotton Blossom.  The one in Worlds of Fun is set to remain dark this year as it receives a full makeover for a new concept coming in 2021

Pagoda Soda will be Pagoda Nachos this year.  Definitely the food I think of when I am in the Orient Section of the park

The outdoor counter at Cotton Blossom BBQ will now serve Turkey Legs in addition to the Coke Refill Counter.  This will be a nice alternative in this area for a quick grab-and-go

One last thing to mention before signing off on this update.  The park app has now added Riptide Raceway to its map.  The map on the app is not nearly as fun to look at, but we thought we should mention it in this map update.