May 30, 2020

Runaway Mountain Coaster

Welcome to the Runaway Mountain Coaster - Branson's original mountain coaster.

The entertainment complex recently added a zipline course, but it was unavailable today.

Here is the loading area

The Runaway starts with a 3 minute climb to the top of the mountain

It really is a peaceful journey to the top

The ride down is very exhilarating 

My only complaint is that there are some "pot holes" on the way down that really jar you if you are going full out.

It is an extremely long track.  They claim that it is the longest in the midwest

There are two spirals on the way down.  The first one takes you clockwise

You really pick up speed between the two spirals.

The second spiral goes counterclockwise and you really feel the G-force here if you aren't afraid to go full out

The ride then ends with a long straight section over the creek back to the station.

Here is the unloading area.

It is a fun ride.  Definitely recommend it in the dark when they have the light show going.