September 7, 2020

Final Day (WOF)



Well it came a lot earlier than any of us were expecting, but today was the last operational day for Worlds of Fun in the 2020 season

Time to make one last loop around the park

I still think that WOF is a beautiful park

Spinning Dragons 

Due to the continued “social distancing” lines were extra long today. 

Patriot took over an hour to get on. While some of that was due to the socially distanced trains, most of it was due to Ride Ambassadors moving very slowly

But since I knew it would be a long off season, I stuck it out

Mustang Runner is probably my favorite flat ride in the park

Detonator was only running one tower and only loading 8 seats max per cycle

This isn’t a good sign.  Literally and figuratively

All the switchbacks were open today.  45 minute wait  Needless to say, I only rode it once today

I seriously cannot believe the season is over after today

Today flew bye

Maybe the extra long off season will allow for more time to do touch up painting around the park

So until 2021, goodbye for now, WOF

Here’s to hoping that 2021 looks nothing like this season