September 19, 2020

Hallowfest Prep (SFSTL)



It’s beginning to look like Fall at Six Flags St. Louis

Pumpkins can be found in the flower beds around the entrance plaza

Halloween colored flags up around the entrance area.  Note they don’t say Fright Fest like in past years.

Decorations around the Palace porch stage

All entertainment (including Love at First Fright) will be done outside this season

The cemetery looks a lot different this year

The hearse is back

The headless horseman is back too

More of the cemetery

Looks like the Trolls will be back this year, but will have a dedicated pathway

Pet Cemetary near Shazam 

The clowns have been relocated to DC Comics Plaza

The spiders have taken over the arbor tunnels

Decorations near Xcalibur 

There are a lot of net decorations around the park

Decorations near the Minetrain 

The stage has been set near Batman.  We’ll see if it is for the Sideshow as in year’s past or not