October 17, 2020

Hallowfest (SFSTL)


Welecome to Hallowfest at Six Flags St. Louis

This is an extremely watered down version of Fright Fest.  The only thing scary this year is the lack of social distancing and how after 8 months, people still cannot figure out how to properly wear a mask

Since COVID-19 can only infect you inside buildings, all of the limited entertainment is on the Palace Porch this season.  There are two shows, one is Dead Man's Party (which ironically features an all-female cast)

The other is Love at First Fright

This is one show they probably should have just put in mothballs for the year.  It does not work outside at all.

So nice to have the train back running

There is a trick-or-treat trail set up near the arbor tunnels near Mr. Freeze.

The park does a nice job on theatrical lighting around the front of the park

Some interesting "cash grab" games have been set up around the park

Colossus is light up in orange for Hallowfest.  Anyone else miss the pumpkin face?

Since they cannot do haunted houses, the park has set up these bizarre displays around the park that almost remind you of a zoo exhibit

The screamsters and park guests cannot get within 6 feet of each other.  There's nothing scary about it and I honestly question the point

Cool display by Moon Cars

Another nice display by Shazam

Justice League finally opened for the season.  I guess the park finally figured out how to open the ride safely for the current "era"

There's another "zoo exhibit" by Mr. Freeze featuring clowns

Once again neither the screamsters or guests can get within 6 feet of each other.  They even have security posted to make sure

The arbor tunnels look awesome at night

Spiders everywhere

The final "zoo exhibit" is themed to vampires

To be more specific, wild west vampires.  Yeah, I was confused too

Some neat skeleton artwork around the Vampire area

I'm not sure why the golden Bugs is out, but it is at the entrance to Loony Tunes National Park

There are always some imprssive large props in the Palace Gardens Graveyard

Just a reminder that the two shows go on all day.  If you miss one earlier in the day, you have plenty of chances to catch it later in the day

As I stated earlier, the theatre-style lighting up in the front of the park is excellent

Hopefully next year we can get the full Fright Fest experience back