March 21, 2021

Park Update (SFSTL)


Let's take a walk around the park and check out the new updates.  Starting with Batman, there are now lighting effects that correspond to train launches

A new Bat-signal light shines on the floor near the Bat-suit

The park no longer has forced lockers and these are the new cubbies at Batman

The cart above the marquee at River King Mine Train is missing

The new cubbies at River King Mine Train

They cleaned up the lot where Tidal Wave used to be and have removed the construction fences.  It is now just an empty lot that might be used for future expansion

New seating deck behing installed by Boomerang and Fireball

Shuttered restaurant (used to be a Pizza place) is now being used as a Break Room for employees

Superman Power of Tower is closed for good and is slated to be removed

Decorations have already been removed from the walls

Trashcan blocking the entrance

Rumor has it, Catwoman Whip will be located here in 2022

Ninja train sitting behind the former control booth for Superman

Another empty and closed restaurant location.  This used to be the Fresh Cafe

Brand new LED light package on the kiddie swings

Not sure what will become of the former go-kart area.  It will probably be left in this condition for the foreseeable future (half removed)

New cubbies at Pandemonium

Work still continues on the Carousel.  It won't be done until next season at the earliest

Thunder River will open later this season

Mr. Freeze has new LED lighting effects in the tunnel

Mr. Freeze also has new belts with better buckles

The Log Flume will open later this season

The biggest reason for the delay is that they are still working on replacing a lot of support beams with new lumber

New cubbies at American Thunder

Lastly , Moon Cars have finally been removed for good.