March 20, 2021

Spring Ride Days (SDC)


Welcome to Spring Ride Days at Silver Dollar City

The park has several outside acts performing today including Lindley Creek on the Gazebo Stage

After Grace was performing at Boatworks Theatre

The park is still celebrating its 60th anniversary this season and there decorations stating this fact

The park was packed today.  PowderKeg had the honor of the longest lines all day due to only running one cart.  They were loading every row though

Fire in the Hole had a line that stretched out of the queue (not socially distanced) that ran all the way back and past the Saloon

I wish you could still go up there.

Outlaw Run had both trains going and had a wait time of 90 minutes at its highest.  It was a walk on towards the end of the day

The Giant Barn Swing suffered from numerous down times today.

Absolutely no social distancing going on in Firemans Landing today.

Time Traveler had a long line most of the day but seemed to have decent up time today.

ThuNderaTion had some work done this off season and you can tell which areas received attention.  Much smoother in those locations.  Still a huge pothole in the helix tunnel though.

Wildfire had a rough day.  It had at least 3 major down time periods

All three of the water rides were open today.

Nice to see so many people at the park.  Even though the park is capping attendance at a certain percentage, it felt like a pre-Covid day at the park (just with masks still)