March 21, 2021

Jacob's Cave


Welcome to Jacob's Cave, just south of Versailles, MO near Lake of the Ozarks

While the entrance building is not overly impressive looking, the attraction inside is top notch

In the main room you will find a catch pool from the stream of water that runs the length of the entire cave.

The Wishing Well greets guests as they enter into the cave.

Our guide speaking about how they can tell that the Cave has survived up to 5 ice ages and numerous earthquakes by the formations

The elephant head

Inside the giant geode in the cave that they accidentally cracked open

Lots of flow stone

The cave has lots of soda straw formations

Showing how a formation healed itself from earthquake damage

The final room before you have to turn around and go back is quite impressive.

The interesting thing about this cave is that the farther you go into it, the higher up in elevation you go.

The only way you can possible know this is that the stream runs towards the entrance

Still in the final room.  I told you it was impressive

Jacob's Cave is open year round and is another impressive show cave located in Missouri