March 28, 2021

Park Update (SFSTL)


Time for another update from the "Gateway to Thrills"

The redbuds are really in bloom right now

They really compliment Batman nicely

Still doing social distancing on all of the coasters this week

They installed a new backdrop behind the Golden Bugs

They finally put out a sign to let people know what is going on with Superman Tower of Power.  Looks like the rumor was correct about Catwoman going here in 2022

The decorations in the exit area are now gone too at Superman.  This whole area is really a ghost town now with Screamin' Eagle being the only thing open

Mr. Freeze can now proudly announce that...

both sides of the station are open for the season

It might be awhile before the train is back open.  They are doing some major work on a bridge behind Thunder River

Speaking of Thunder River, they were filling it up with water today

That's all for this week