May 28, 2022

Catwoman Whip - NOW OPEN (SFSTL)



The All New Catwoman Whip is NOW OPEN at Six Flags St. Louis.
One thing we want to point out here is that there is a Single Riders lane

There she is in all her glory

Since this was Opening Day for the new attraction, Members will given ERT at the start of the day and were also given this cool logo pin

Like most of the new superhero themed attractions at Six Flags parks, there are displays with facts about the character in the queue line 

The Catwoman logo on the back building has glowing eyes

There are several cat statues around the area

The ride uses an interesting collapsing pyramid for load/unload.  The entire structure will become flat when the ride is in operation 

The seating areas feature 4 riders seated back-to-back for a total of 8 passengers per arm

The ride is a lot of fun and actually you get "two rides" -- after being loaded, the ride will cycle.  At the end of the cycle you will stop at the top while the other side is loaded.  After it is loaded, you will get another cycle in the opposite direction before being unloaded.

One thing to be aware of on the ride is that it does flip - almost every rotation

Some people will be thrilled by that fact, others will be scared to death

The ride cycle is decent and since you get "two" it feels like you are getting your money's worth for your wait in line .. and let's be honest, it is a long wait.

While I am not sure how Catwoman fits into the Chicago section of the park, it has really made this section of the park look better.