May 25, 2022

Fire in the Hole (SDC)

Time to check in on the newest addition to Fireman's Landing.

It appears that they are preparing to put up the walls on the framing.  Also it looks like some of the 
"Pumpkins Wall" has been removed

It appears that this will be an access door area for maintenance

Still some framing work to be done on the ceiling 

Here you can see what is already done with the ceiling framing

The building is very noticeable from Fireman's Landing.  The shorter building with the completed roof will be the queue area (and possibly load/unload)

It will be interesting to see if this building gets a facade

Here is a better look at the queue area roof

Not sure what this red semi trailer is for, but it definitely gives you a sense of scale

There's that splash pool we've talked about in the past

Some work being done over here.  You can also see that the queue area is a higher elevation than the rest of the building

One last look at the queue roof area.
We'll be back mid-June for our next update