May 14, 2022

World Update (WOF)


Let's take a look around the park at everything that changed this off season.
First this is this year's version of the floral clock

There's a lot of chatter about things happening at the the old Dinos Alive area.  There is lots of clearing just behind Boomerang and there is some machinery on back that is hard to photgraph

There's some new merchandise for this season

Definitely some fun designs

The park has an Arcade again.  This time located in the old Dino Store

It was pretty empty when we visited

They are still working on the new Gateway Pizza that is taking the place of the old Chickie and Pete's

Looking over the fence you cannot really see much

Looking at the building from Viking Voyager's exit you can see they have removed part of the old building and they have added a large flat area which will probably become a deck

The Boulevard Beer Deck has expanded

We'll see if they put some greenery on that trellis 

Coasters Drive-In has been reconfigured for this season

It now features a "cafeteria style" serving line much like Cotton Blossom

The new check out area and drinks area

The old Subway has become American Spirits

They serve slushie cocktails

The outdoor quick serve window at Cotton Blossom was actually open today

A new stage has been built next to Cotton Blossom BBQ

The entrance gate to Heart of America theatre has been removed.

Timber Wolf received a pretty neat addition to its marquee entrane gate

Detonator's top was finally redone this off season

Mamba has a brand new control booth and apparently it received a new operating system this off season.  It is only able to run one train right now, but they are trying to get it certified to run more

Zulu is still not ready for the season

Neither is the WOF Railroad

and to no one's surprise, Falcon's Flight was down all day